My New Tattoo


My tattoo. Its a quote from John Donne’s poetry.

Taking Chances.

Do we automatically go into a relationship looking to fall in love? Or do some of us just see how it goes?

Well, what happens when it starts to fall apart and you’re no longer the ‘loving’ couple that you used to be? We get back up, after a few tubs of ice cream or whatever, and try to ‘fall’ again. Why do we do this to ourselves?

By the time trust has been established, you’ve already invested a lot of time and heart into this relationship. Yet, the probability is it’s just going to waste because not many things last anymore.

Ok, I’m being a bit cynical  To be fair love is the best feeling, nothing else matters and your just in this happy little ‘honeymoon’ bubble. Well guess that bubble always has to pop… which isn’t always a bad thing… not always.

The Nest.

About 3 months ago I left my house to start paying rent at my girlfriend’s. It worked out to be a sensible thing to do for uni (student finance sucks)

But, since I am the only child, I can understand my mum is having a really hard time letting go of me and so I go round there at least once a week. However, when she asks me what I’ve been up too and I tell her I went out drinking she BANNED me from drinking for a little while and gave me a long lecture about how it is dangerous to do what I did.. HOW HYPERCRITICAL.

So, last night I went out for a meal and had 1 alcoholic drink (I don’t like being told I can and can’t do things after I’m legally allowed) but, to be fair, I wont be drinking for a while anyway. The streets of Essex are safe once again!

On the flip side my dad doesn’t even care that I left. The day I did, all he said was ‘keep in touch with the family’ ouch. Then, when I came round he slept until I left. Only once has he had a semi-decent conversation with me and it was about money and some programme on the telly. I know he never shows me any emotion but wow.

Ok, should probably start getting ready for this ‘freshers fair’ wish me luck in this horrible weather!

A Night Of WTF?!

We all have them nights out where, the next morning you end you thinking ‘did that happen?… what the hell?’

Saying goodbye to some of my friends is bad for your health!

And your emotions.

Why is it people say EVERYTHING they never did when it’s the last time you will ever see them?!

Bit of a vague post but there you go, take from it what you will 🙂