The Nest.

About 3 months ago I left my house to start paying rent at my girlfriend’s. It worked out to be a sensible thing to do for uni (student finance sucks)

But, since I am the only child, I can understand my mum is having a really hard time letting go of me and so I go round there at least once a week. However, when she asks me what I’ve been up too and I tell her I went out drinking she BANNED me from drinking for a little while and gave me a long lecture about how it is dangerous to do what I did.. HOW HYPERCRITICAL.

So, last night I went out for a meal and had 1 alcoholic drink (I don’t like being told I can and can’t do things after I’m legally allowed) but, to be fair, I wont be drinking for a while anyway. The streets of Essex are safe once again!

On the flip side my dad doesn’t even care that I left. The day I did, all he said was ‘keep in touch with the family’ ouch. Then, when I came round he slept until I left. Only once has he had a semi-decent conversation with me and it was about money and some programme on the telly. I know he never shows me any emotion but wow.

Ok, should probably start getting ready for this ‘freshers fair’ wish me luck in this horrible weather!


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