The Nest.

About 3 months ago I left my house to start paying rent at my girlfriend’s. It worked out to be a sensible thing to do for uni (student finance sucks)

But, since I am the only child, I can understand my mum is having a really hard time letting go of me and so I go round there at least once a week. However, when she asks me what I’ve been up too and I tell her I went out drinking she BANNED me from drinking for a little while and gave me a long lecture about how it is dangerous to do what I did.. HOW HYPERCRITICAL.

So, last night I went out for a meal and had 1 alcoholic drink (I don’t like being told I can and can’t do things after I’m legally allowed) but, to be fair, I wont be drinking for a while anyway. The streets of Essex are safe once again!

On the flip side my dad doesn’t even care that I left. The day I did, all he said was ‘keep in touch with the family’ ouch. Then, when I came round he slept until I left. Only once has he had a semi-decent conversation with me and it was about money and some programme on the telly. I know he never shows me any emotion but wow.

Ok, should probably start getting ready for this ‘freshers fair’ wish me luck in this horrible weather!


The Casual ‘Coming Out’

I’ve seen that alot of people have made a post about their coming out experience. Some of them were pretty harsh. But I did mine a little bit differently…

I had just come back from a trip to checkout a uni and obviously I was hungry, I wanted my damn kebab! I don’t know how the conversation with my mum got onto one of my (many) gay/lesbian friends, but it did. My mum just stated ‘yer, but she has no chance with you because you’re straight’

me: No i’m not *carries on walking, texting and listening to music*

Naturally my mum stopped, quite taken back by this casual revelation: …What?

Me: No, I’m not straight. Can we go get my kebab now? I’m really hungry.

Then she asked if I was seeing this girl that I kept talking about, which I was (and still am) and she was like ‘i thought you liked her’


Still never told my dad face to face. He knows, but still calls her my ‘friend’

BUT that was nothing to how I told my family… I text them all! Over a year into my relationship and I text them saying I was gay. Some of them pretend to be ok with it but bitch behind my back but one of my aunts phoned me! Most awkward conversation ever! But now all my family ask how she is and buy her chocolate bunnies, even offering for her to stay if I visit them. Not bad for a family that were raised to be strict Catholics 🙂

This is why I like casual conversations, no drama 😀

There’s No Place Like Home

… or the smell of your mother’s cooking!

Living with my girlfriend and away from home, can’t believe that I’m kinda homesick!

When your mum is waiting at the door for you, you know that you’ve been missed (and it’s only been around 3 days!) and then the comforting smell of weird, but delicious, concoctions of food that your mum has effortlessly ‘slung togethe’r, just for you. It’s just the beginning of the ‘welcome home.’

You’re back and it’s like nothing has happened. You settle back into the same routine (with an added bit of politeness instead of the ‘in a minute excuse’) Even your dad goes back to sleep – thanks alot. So, with your dad asleep you gossip with your mum and listen, with interest, to all the day-to-day rubbish that you used to ignore and get annoyed about. That’s when you realise it. The amount you take your mum for granted; she loves you unconditionally, cooks , cleans (yes nags about it but I wouldn’t want to constantly wash my dads socks and boxers!)

Even though I love my girlfriend, I still miss it back at home chatting with my mum and watching weird TV programmes like Hairy Bikers (it’s quite alright to be fair) but I guess it’s just part of moving on, something everyone has to do eventually.