Taking Chances.

Do we automatically go into a relationship looking to fall in love? Or do some of us just see how it goes?

Well, what happens when it starts to fall apart and you’re no longer the ‘loving’ couple that you used to be? We get back up, after a few tubs of ice cream or whatever, and try to ‘fall’ again. Why do we do this to ourselves?

By the time trust has been established, you’ve already invested a lot of time and heart into this relationship. Yet, the probability is it’s just going to waste because not many things last anymore.

Ok, I’m being a bit cynical  To be fair love is the best feeling, nothing else matters and your just in this happy little ‘honeymoon’ bubble. Well guess that bubble always has to pop… which isn’t always a bad thing… not always.


Love Does Crazy Things

It changes you, in both a good and bad way.

My friends have told me that not only have I become ‘soft’, but also my girlfriend has managed to dehumanize me and basically reduce me from a strong person to one that is a ‘how high?’

So, if this is true, why the hell did I let her? It must be because I love her.

I know I’ve gotten ‘soft’ but that’s because at the start I just didn’t want to control a relationship again. But now, I realise I have become to much of a pushover. Don’t know how to change back but going to have to try.

Getting Told Something That You Really Didn’t Want To Know

Why tell someone bad news about their relationship when you’ve just got to a party? I know she thought she was trying to help but it really didn’t. Now, i just wish I never knew, makes things more complicated. Also, it lead to an argument which had to happen.

But now, we’re not talking about it. Just nothing. So, what is there to do?

Old Married Couples

The stereotypical ones. You know. They fight, they don’t talk, the passion seems to have died. So, the question is, why on Earth do they stay together? Is it because they still love each other? Is it because they like the way their relationship is? (doubtful) Or, is it because they’ve entered the familiar rut and they feel that they’ve been in it too long and it can either; only get better or they just stay the same and that they can live with being in a non-passionate, uncommunicative relationship?

Just a question that’s been bugging me for a while…

Exes, What To Do With Them?

We all have them. Annoying ones. Funny ones. Flirty ones. Angry ones.Ones that turn into your best friends. Ones that you still have feelings for. Oh, and ones that turn out to be gay (I’ve watched waaaayy too much Will and Grace.) But the question is, what do you do with them?!

To be fair, for my exes I fell into 3 of those (I’ll let you guess which ones ;)) and so I feel pretty bad but at least I can class 1 or 2 as really close friends of mine and I love them.

But! What do you do when one of your exes who knows he doesn’t stand a chance, flirts with you every chance he gets?! It may be in a jokey way but he was a bit of a physco so I just don’t know.

So, what do you do? Ditch? Try to make the boundaries clear yet again? Or, flirt harmlessly back because he knows he doesn’t stand a chance?

Maybe, hit him over the head till he stops? hmm…

‘I’d do anything for you dear, anything’

Yes that was from Oliver Twist, i know it’s sad.

But back to my point.

We all do it. All of us, at some time or another, we say ‘I’d do anything for you’ and then name some far fetched or elaborate stunt such as ‘jump of a cliff… take a bullet’ blah blah blah. But, honestly, how many of us would do that for the one we love? Humans are designed to preserve themselves so surely it goes against our nature to endanger ourselves for another. But then again ‘love’ does go beyond all practical thought.

Think about it. If you saw someone about to shoot your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife whatever; would you actually take it for them? End your own life so they could still have theirs. That’s a lot of love to do that. But on that line of thought, do you think your partner would do the same for you? Would they be willing to end everything for you? Would they deny their basic survival instincts just for you? Just food for thought.