The Perception Of Uni

People have this idea of the first year at uni to be nothing but one big party, I know I used to. But no. Completely misguided. I’ve been there just over a week and I have one essay due in in a couple of days. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t based on the communist manifesto. Great. Wish me luck.


Social Interaction. Apparently Everything Counts.

Ok, I’ll admit I have gotten far too into my sociology book but it’s so interesting! I don’t think I’m reading the units for this year but hey-ho, I’m enjoy and learning (it actually is possible)

Is the facial expressions we do learned from others or is that just how we react?

At  first I would have said it was picked-up from other people. But apparently it’s not. There was a study of 6 born deaf and blind children who smiled, raised their eyebrows in surprise. So, how did they know that? How do we all know the right reaction/emotion?

Love reading this stuff!!! 😀

What You Find Out When You Read Uni Books

So, I was reading Anthony Giddens – Sociology and I was highlighting interesting things about Gender and Sexuality when I came across this snip bit:

‘In some non-Western cultures, homosexual relations are excepted or even encouraged among certain groups. The Batak people of Northern Sumatra permit male homosexual relations before marriage.’

So, what do they do? When?

During puberty they leave their parental home and stay in a house with a dozen or so older males who engage in homosexual practices.

I don’t know why they do this ritual but you at least you could never say they were homophobic or people there experience heterosexism!

Just something I found interesting 🙂