Exes, What To Do With Them?

We all have them. Annoying ones. Funny ones. Flirty ones. Angry ones.Ones that turn into your best friends. Ones that you still have feelings for. Oh, and ones that turn out to be gay (I’ve watched waaaayy too much Will and Grace.) But the question is, what do you do with them?!

To be fair, for my exes I fell into 3 of those (I’ll let you guess which ones ;)) and so I feel pretty bad but at least I can class 1 or 2 as really close friends of mine and I love them.

But! What do you do when one of your exes who knows he doesn’t stand a chance, flirts with you every chance he gets?! It may be in a jokey way but he was a bit of a physco so I just don’t know.

So, what do you do? Ditch? Try to make the boundaries clear yet again? Or, flirt harmlessly back because he knows he doesn’t stand a chance?

Maybe, hit him over the head till he stops? hmm…


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