‘I’d do anything for you dear, anything’

Yes that was from Oliver Twist, i know it’s sad.

But back to my point.

We all do it. All of us, at some time or another, we say ‘I’d do anything for you’ and then name some far fetched or elaborate stunt such as ‘jump of a cliff… take a bullet’ blah blah blah. But, honestly, how many of us would do that for the one we love? Humans are designed to preserve themselves so surely it goes against our nature to endanger ourselves for another. But then again ‘love’ does go beyond all practical thought.

Think about it. If you saw someone about to shoot your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife whatever; would you actually take it for them? End your own life so they could still have theirs. That’s a lot of love to do that. But on that line of thought, do you think your partner would do the same for you? Would they be willing to end everything for you? Would they deny their basic survival instincts just for you? Just food for thought.


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